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Board Policy (BP) 3-120 and BP 4-120 provides that employees and students shall not be subjected to unlawful discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of sex/gender, race, color, age, creed, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status, pregnancy status, religion or sexual orientation in employment conditions or educational programs or activities.

Sexual misconduct: defined, includes a broad range of behavior such as:

  • Inappropriate physical touching, sexual exploitation
  • Sexual intercourse without consent
  • Other forms of sexual violence
  • Sexual Harassment

Sexual misconduct may be a crime. Sexual misconduct by anyone is unacceptable and will be addressed in a timely fashion and with serious consequences by TSC.

This policy and procedure are Trinidad State's grievance procedure required by Title IX. This policy and procedure are designed to provide students charged with sexual misconduct with due process while ensuring a reporting party’s protections under Title IX and providing prompt and equitable resolution of charges. This policy and procedure also applies for Title VII in relation to employment.

When the accused party (respondent) to a discrimination and/or harassment complaint is a student, an Administrator/Professional Technical employee(s), Faculty and Adjunct Instructor(s), classified employee(s) (TSC employees), authorized volunteer(s), guest(s) or visitor(s) within Trinidad State College (TSC) these procedures will apply.

For 第九条 Training Materials, see CCCS System Procedure 19-60, Training and Compliance Requirements (Appendix B).
第九条 Training Materials for coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, facilitation of informal resolutions, and live hearings can be found here.

Trinidad State College is committed to providing an environment that supports teaching and 学习 and that encourages open and effective communication and respect for all members of the college community.
Contact Yvette Atencio, 第九条/EO Coordinator
719.846.5538 or 719.589.7050

  • To review BP 19-60, Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation,
    - (点击这里).
  • To review SP 19-60, Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct Resolution Process,
    - (点击这里).
  • To review SP-431a, Civil Rights Grievance and Investigation Process,
    - (点击这里).
  • To file a complaint or report sexual misconduct or for information about sexual misconduct, discrimination, violence against women or harassment
    - (点击这里).
  • To review the System Policy (SP4-120A)
    - (点击这里).

Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE)

Under Colorado law, public colleges are required to provide the following information for students who are victims of sexual assault.

If you are a victim of a sexual assault, you may request a medical forensic exam.  This is important if you think you want to seek legal action.  It is vital that a victim obtains medical treatment as soon as possible and does not bathe, shower, douche, or change clothes until given permission by medical personnel.  You can have the exam without having to report the assault to law enforcement.  You will not be charged for the cost of the exam.

The College has an agreement with the following providers for the exam:

  • 特立尼达的校园:
    Mt. San Rafael Hospital
    410 Benedicta Ave., Trinidad CO  81082
    If you do not have transportation to the facility, you may contact a friend or family member, Council of Governments Transit services at 719-845-1127 or Advocates Against Domestic Assault at 719-846-6665.
  • 谷校园:
    San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center
    106 Blanca Avenue, Alamosa, CO  81101
    If you do not have transportation to the facility, you may contact a friend or family member, Little Stinkers Taxi Service at 719-859-2500 or Tu Casa, Inc. 719-589-2465.

Any cost for transportation is the responsibility of the student.